Sunday, 2 December 2012

Simple Inspirations

For as long as I've known myself I have always been different. I was taller than my peers, skinnier (i did not see this as a good thing) and "weirder". I was always teased about my height (I'm 5'8"), so much so that I had insecurities about my height well into adulthood. Despite my insecurities I always loved fashion but unfortunately I never had the means or confidence to indulge. That all changed when I met a certain young lady. *Karen was 6'0" tall, beautiful and confident. She was always well dressed and was never afraid to wear heels. I once over heard someone say to her, "you're so tall, why do you wear heels?", words that would crush my confidence whenever they were directed at me, but her response was simply, "I like them". Such a simple moment but I found it inspiring and it gave me confidence. Today I have more heels than flats and when I am asked why I wear them I respond simply, "I like them".

I love the simplicity of the Jennifer Lawrence's outfit above. It served as my inspiration to create the looks below. I am aware that we don't all have a perfect body so I tried to make sure that the looks are body conscious. I would love your feedback. Leave a comment below!

Simple Inspiration
You may find the dresses at the bottom at:

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  1. Beautiful inspirations! Love your blog :) Hope you can check out mine when you get a chance :)

    xoxo, Tiffany